What does progress_func do?

c/examples/multi_thread/watch_pod.c at master · kubernetes-client/c (github.com)

In this example, I found there are two functions in apiClient named data_callback_func and progress_func

I think the data_callback_func will be called when the watched resources are changed (notified by k8s api server) . The program(thread) will be paused on CoreV1API_listNamespacedPod, resumed when notification comes and execute data_callback_func, and paused until next notification comes, keep looping like this.

But I do not know what does progress_func do and when will this function be called? I searched in Google but nothing related found.

So here is my question: is my understanding of data_callback_func correct and what does progress_func do and when will it be triggered?

This forum doesn’t see attention from many k8s contributors. If you can, I suggest hopping in k8s slack and asking in the #kubernetes-client channel.

ok, thanks