What IP address is assigned to an Ingress object?

I have come across the following 2 scenarios and am unable to understand why they are so.

In both scenarios there is an Nginx Ingress Controller with service type LoadBalancer. The LB assigned is an internal LB.

  1. Ingress object is assigned the node IPs of the nodes on which Nginx pods are running.
  2. Ingress object is assigned the external IP of the Ingress Controller Service.

I am unable to understand how these IPs are assigned and why they are different when everything else in the configuration is same. Please help.

This is on GKE, if that matters.

P.S. - I am not talking about the endpoints assigned to the Ingress resource. I understand they are for the backend services.

The nginx-controller should/needs to be exposed via a service. Check this out. I assume that service IP is probably what you want.

Thanks a lot. This was exactly the stepping stone I needed.