What is resource kind and how is it used?

Below is an excerpt of a few lines of the output of kubectl api-resources. There is a column KIND which merely repeats the NAME column.

  • What is the Kind of a Kubernetes resource?
  • Is Kind neccessary?
  • What is the typical usage?
NAME                 SHORTNAMES   APIGROUP                       NAMESPACED   KIND
pods                 po                                          true         Pod
gateways             gw           networking.istio.io            true         Gateway
serviceentries       se           networking.istio.io            true         ServiceEntry
clusterroles                      rbac.authorization.k8s.io      false        ClusterRole
rolebindings                      rbac.authorization.k8s.io      true         RoleBinding
storageclasses       sc           storage.k8s.io                 false        StorageClass