What kind of categories should we have?


Let’s use this area to discuss categories that we need to add. Remember we can only go two deep, so we can’t have a ton of nested things.

  • Users
    ** Novice Help
    ** Cluster Operators
    ** Office Hours
    ** General Discussion
    ** Other channels as requested (e.g. Kube+Openstack)
  • Contributors
    ** New Contributor Help
    ** Contributor Discussion
    ** Other channels as requested (e.g. Controller Hackers)
  • SIGs and WGs
    ** channel for each sig/wg that wants one
  • Employment
    ** Jobs Available
    ** Jobs Wanted


One more:

  • Forum Help


One more for Contributors
**New help wanted/beginners friendly issues


Custom Controllers channel, please. :roll_eyes:


You should check the tutorials. Interact with @discobot. :grin:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


I’d like to have some around API users - especially go client help


One of the upstream recommendations is for us to keep the categories generic until one we grow larger, then split it up, so feel free to post in the general discussion for now so you can get eyes on your topic and we can organically add tags/categories down the road. Keep the recommendations coming though!


Demo channel, for

  • Demo new product features
  • Demo bugs / pitfalls
  • Peer development / programming
  • asciinema only; no complex video unless really necessary


CNCF CN & Serverless Landscape Category/Subcategory Discussions
-App Definition and Development (with 5 Subcategories)
-Cloud (with 2 Subcategories)
-Observability and Analysis (with 4 Subcategories)
-Orchestration & Management (with 3 Subcategories)
-Platform (with 5 Subcategories)
-Provisioning (with 5 Subcategories)
-Runtime (with 3 Subcategories)
-Serverless (with 5 Subcategories)
-Special (with 2 Subcategories)