What's kubectl describe service telling me about the ports?


I have this sample kubectl output that I’m trying to understand:

$ minikube kubectl -- describe service kubia
Name:                     kubia
Namespace:                default
Labels:                   k8s-app=kubia
Annotations:              description: Test deployment
Selector:                 k8s-app=kubia
Type:                     LoadBalancer
IP Family Policy:         SingleStack
IP Families:              IPv4
Port:                     tcp-8080-8080-jh4nc  8080/TCP
TargetPort:               8080/TCP
NodePort:                 tcp-8080-8080-jh4nc  31987/TCP
Endpoints:      ,,
Session Affinity:         None
External Traffic Policy:  Cluster
Events:                   <none>

What’s Port and NodePort telling me? My interpretation for each is:

Port: You’re using one port 8080/TCP and it has the name “tcp-8080-8080-jh4nc”
NodePort: You’re using two ports one with the name “tcp-8080-8080-jh4nc” and the other is 31987/TCP.

Am I reading that right?

Thanks in advance,


Thank you,

If my understanding is correct what I’m seeing in the output of describe service is

Port:                     service.spec.ports.name  service.spec.ports.port/service.spec.ports.protocol
TargetPort:               service.spec.ports.targetPort/service.spec.ports.protocol
NodePort:                 service.spec.ports.name  service.spec.ports.nodePort/service.spec.ports.protocol

Sounds correct to me