Why installing kubectl if already using microk8s (video from canaonical)

While studying microk8s I watched the video titled MicroK8s basics (Part 1): MicroK8s installation & simple commands in the celebrateubuntu youtube channel.

I’m puzzled as it installs both microk8s AND kubectl. Why that?

If it wasn’t for the authoritative channel I would have thought at an error, but since it’s from Ubuntu there must be an explanation that I can’t make out…

sudo snap alias microk8s.kubectl

Thanks, @metabsd, I know how to create the alias.

My question is why did the video suggest to also install kubeclt (sudo snap install kubectl) when, in fact, it already had kubectl from the installation of microk8s.

I have not seen the video but the only logical reason I see is to snap install kubectl from another Ubuntu to manage the cluster from outside.