Why my kube-apiserver not listening on 8080?

Hi guys,
I’m compiling kubernetes from source on Windows. And finally I got the binary then I started the apiserver with following command line

kube-apiserver --etcd-servers --service-account-signing-key-file privatekey.pem --service-account-issuer=kube-apiserver --service-account-key-file privatekey.pem

and tried with

kubectl api-versions

got the following error

error: couldn't get available api versions from server: Get "http://localhost:8080/api?timeout=32s": dial tcp [::1]:8080: connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

It seems apiserver is not listening on 8080 which is a default port that apiserver should listen on without any explicitly configuration effort. What I’ve missed ? Many thanks.