Windows Containers Search Suffix Not Taking Effect

I am working with teams who pass in database names such as mydb to their apps, which then resolves to mydb.mysuffix. For this reason, I need to be able to make use of the suffix functionality Kubernetes exposes such as the below:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  dnsPolicy: Default
      - 10.x.y.z
      - mysuffix

Is it expected that I should be able to do this? The documentation* mentions the below, which is leading me to wonder whether I have any control over the suffixes in the windows containers that run. The purpose of this post is to A) confirm whether I can use suffixes in windows kubernetes pods, and B) if I cannot, what is a recommended work around? The end goal is for developers to be able to reference “mydb” and have that resolve to “mydb.mysuffix”

*“On Linux, you have a DNS suffix list, which is used when trying to resolve PQDNs. On Windows, we only have 1 DNS suffix, which is the DNS suffix associated with that pod’s namespace (mydns.svc.cluster.local for example). Windows can resolve FQDNs and services or names resolvable with just that suffix. For example, a pod spawned in the default namespace, will have the DNS suffix default.svc.cluster.local . On a Windows pod, you can resolve both kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local and kubernetes , but not the in-betweens, like kubernetes.default or kubernetes.default.svc .”