Access microk8s application from host in WSL2

Hello everyone, I’m very new with microk8s. I have set it up in WSL2, everything is working I was able to run the dashboard and access through the proxy from my host machine.
But I’m not able to access anything else.
I deployed nginx as a test and I’m able to access it from WSL, but not from my windows host.

I understand is a networking problem. I’m missing a route from WSL to my host or viceversa?
Or I’m missing an addon?
How can I make a permanent port forwarding?

These are the addons I’m using.

microk8s is running
high-availability: no
  datastore master nodes:
  datastore standby nodes: none
    dashboard            # (core) The Kubernetes dashboard
    dns                  # (core) CoreDNS
    ha-cluster           # (core) Configure high availability on the current node
    helm                 # (core) Helm - the package manager for Kubernetes
    helm3                # (core) Helm 3 - the package manager for Kubernetes
    hostpath-storage     # (core) Storage class; allocates storage from host directory
    metrics-server       # (core) K8s Metrics Server for API access to service metrics
    storage              # (core) Alias to hostpath-storage add-on, deprecated
    cert-manager         # (core) Cloud native certificate management
    community            # (core) The community addons repository
    gpu                  # (core) Automatic enablement of Nvidia CUDA
    host-access          # (core) Allow Pods connecting to Host services smoothly
    ingress              # (core) Ingress controller for external access
    kube-ovn             # (core) An advanced network fabric for Kubernetes
    mayastor             # (core) OpenEBS MayaStor
    metallb              # (core) Loadbalancer for your Kubernetes cluster
    minio                # (core) MinIO object storage
    observability        # (core) A lightweight observability stack for logs, traces and metrics
    prometheus           # (core) Prometheus operator for monitoring and logging
    rbac                 # (core) Role-Based Access Control for authorisation
    registry             # (core) Private image registry exposed on localhost:32000


I usually do kubectl port forwarding and then access it from windows using localhost:the_port

Normally I would do a port forwarding. But I was thinking there must be an automatic port forwarding, instead of doing it manually all the time.

Use metallb to assign an ip to access services