Microk8s Access nginx pod to other Host Machines

I am using MIcrok8s 1.26v using Hyperv over windows 10. I am unable to access nginx pod to other host machines. I have exposed nginx using this cmd “microk8s kubectl expose deployment nginx-webserver --type=“NodePort” --port 80”. Its exposed to the clusterIP which i am able to access. What should i do to make the pod access to other host machines on the same network.

I got the solution after lots of research.
Step1: Because the IP address keeps on changing I have take this step.
To make microk8s work on DNS instead of IP Address

Edit the config file after login into microk8s-vm shell using multipass shell micrk8s-vm in cmd. Login to root user.
sudo su
vi /var/snap/microk8s/current/certs/csr.conf.template

add line >>>>>> under alt.names>>>>DNS.6 = microk8s-vm.mshome.net
exit the vim editor

Update the .kube/config and Microk8s/config . Replace the IP Address with the given dns name(eg: microk8s-vm.mshome.net)

Microk8s stop
Restart the Host machine.

Step 2: Because Microk8s port forwarding fails i have to opt for windows port forwarding.
Configure Windows port forwarding :https://woshub.com/port-forwarding-in-windows/

Now i am able to access the nginx web server on other windows machine.