Accessing Minikube REST API from remote host

Hi All,

I am running Minikube in a development environment and would like to test REST API calls to the Minikube cluster from a remote host.

When Minikube starts i am using the docker driver and the node is automatically allocated a private IP that is reachable only by the local host running Minikube.

In order to make REST API calls to Minikube from a remote host I need to be able to connect to Minikube on an IP address that is reachable on the external network - is there a process to follow for this?

I have looked into using ‘kubectl proxy’ but this again only seems to work on the local host running Minikube (using ‘curl http://localhost:8080/api/’)

Ultimately what i am trying to achieve is automating REST API calls to kubernetes clusters to retrieve information (such as using python and requests).

Many Thanks

For development, use ssh tunnelling or just have minikube listen on an accessible interface.

Looking at the start command, the flags --listen-address and --ports seem like what you want.