Add-on: Kubeflow

Note: The add-on to install Kubeflow is no longer the recommended way to get up and running. Instead there is a complete end-to-end tutorial on deploying Kubeflow on MicroK8s now published in the Charmed Kubeflow documentation.

Is this documentation up to date?
Using the command sudo microk8s enable kubeflow I’m getting the error This command can't be run as root but running it without it I’m getting ERROR cannot load ssh client keys: open /var/snap/microk8s/1864/juju/share/juju/ssh: permission denied

Looks like the same error as Enable Kubeflow ask for authorization website (Ubuntu One) - access denied · Issue #1843 · ubuntu/microk8s · GitHub

I am having a dell emc server setup in my research lab with one master node and 10 worker nodes. In that, three of them are having Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti. I installed Ubuntu 18.04 server OS in all the nodes. I have successfully clustered all the gpu nodes along with one of normal node using microk8s (sudo snap install microk8s --channel=latest/edge --classic). I was also able to deploy Kubeflow without any error. After that, I opened the kubeflow dashboard and tried creating a jupyter notebook with one GPU and 10 CPUs. But there was an error saying I can’t select numeric values in GPU field. here is the screenshot of that error:

Later, I also realized that the allocatable GPU was showing none while running this command: kubectl get nodes “,”

Microk8s version: v1.21.1-3+ba118484dd39d

Please guide me how can I resolve this issue.