Adding Nodes

Hello, I’m having trouble figuring out how to add a node to a microk8s cluster that is on a different subnet. My master node is on 10.2.x.x and the node I want to add is on 10.1.x.x. When running the join command it says waiting for node to join cluster and then microk8s crashes. The microk8s inspect command shows daemon-apiserver failing. I’m using microk8s version 1.20 stable.

I think this is expected. The nodes must be reachable in order to join them.
Also make sure that the ports listed [MicroK8s - Services and ports] are open.

Each node has a FIP so it can reach it that way. I will double check my ports. Thanks

May i know what is FIP? :grinning:

Floating IP assigned to the VM.