Microk8s - Some nodes join cluster, some don't

Cluster information:

microk8s version: Client 1.18, server version 1.18+
Installation method: from microk8s
Master OS: Ubuntu 20.04 - on Dell desktop.
Node OS: Ubuntu 20.04 - on Raspberry Pi’s (4).
I’m new (sorry) - I was able to successfully install microk8s and successfully created 3 nodes. I have 2 other nodes who are unable to join the cluster. I get no feedback from the join command, a -verbose flag would be nice. I followed the procedure of add-node on the master, copied the token and used it with the join on the node. The configurations of the all the nodes are identical.
I’ve searched for how to find the logs but they don’t seem to be located where some sites point me.
I don’t expect to be spoon fed the answer, but some guidance where to start troubleshooting would be great. If I still can’t find the answer I’ll be back with my spoon :slight_smile:

Is this using the HA? You can create an issue in github. It will also be great if you can upload the inspect tarball.

Hi - No it is not. Considering my success with the other nodes, I think it’s more likely it’s more It’s something I’ve done. I was hoping to find a log showing where along the join process, it failed.
Thanks for getting back.

The cluster agent log might reveal something.
sudo journalctl -u snap.microk8s.daemon-cluster-agent -f

result on the master node
Aug 13 07:17:47 dell microk8s.daemon-cluster-agent[890084]: Signature ok
Aug 13 07:17:47 dell microk8s.daemon-cluster-agent[890084]: subject=/C=GB/ST=Canonical/L=Canonical/O=Canonical/OU=Canonical/CN=
Aug 13 07:17:47 dell microk8s.daemon-cluster-agent[890084]: Getting CA Private Key

nothing on the node

Share the output after using the kubeadm token on the workernodes that were unable to join the cluster.

output from add node:
Join node with: microk8s join

If the node you are adding is not reachable through the default interface you can use one of the following:
microk8s join
microk8s join

output from join

If I try it again - invalid token, so it looks like something is happening/

This reminds me of this issue: https://github.com/ubuntu/microk8s/issues/1475#issuecomment-671241232

Could you open a new issue for this case attaching the microk8s.inspect tarballs of the two nodes master and joining?