Cannot join to the cluster with newly created nodes


Did someone experience following issue while trying to join with a newly created node?
root@c3:~# microk8s join 89e80f1
Contacting cluster at
Connection failed. Invalid token (500).

4 nodes cluster planned in Oracle OCI cloud environment.
2 nodes can see each other. The other 2 not at all.

Same subnet.
Firewall rules are fine.
I can telnet to port 25000 of the first node
root@c3:~# telnet 25000
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.
telnet> quit
Connection closed.

Cluster version
root@c1:~# microk8s version
MicroK8s v1.28.3 revision 6089

OS version
Ubuntu 20.04

Architecture x86_64

Any advise would be appreciated.