Error joining node to cluster

Hi everyone, I have a couple of bare metal nodes, both running microk8s in the same snap channel (same version I guess).

Following the procedure to create a multi node cluster (MicroK8s - Create a MicroK8s cluster), once I try to execute the join command I got from the master node, I get an error.

Command being executed:
microk8s join

Error I get:
WARNING: Hostpath storage is enabled and is not suitable for multi node clusters.

Contacting cluster at
Connection failed. Failed to update cni configuration: failed to apply cni configuration: command [/snap/microk8s/3272/microk8s-kubectl.wrapper apply -f /var/snap/microk8s/3272/args/cni-network/cni.yaml] failed with exit code 1: exit status 1 (500).

Any advise would be appreciated.

Update: I inverted the nodes execution commands (add-node vs join) and succeded.

This is no longer an issue in my case. Thanks.

Hi, I am having the same issue, what did you do? What do you mean by inverted the node execution?

Just ran the command on the other node, inverted the order of execution.