Baremetal ingress hostNetwork + add node worker

I have been using microk8s for quite a while to host my website containing
many micro-services. Thank you Canonical for Microk8s, it works great even with my
GPU microservices.

I have a fixed IP provided to my home by the ISP, and since I have just one node, I opted for
using hostNetwork as per baremetal/#via-the-host-network.

My question, will the hostPort get messed up if I

microk8s add-node --worker

My concern is that the ingress ends up running on the worker and therefore stops using the fixed IP of the control node. I would rather not deal with the extra complexity of MetalB for just 2 nodes.

As far as i understand, if the worker node is not facing the outside world, the ingress on that worker node is going to do nothing.

balchua1 thank you