Blog: Contributor Summit San Diego Schedule Announced!

Authors: Josh Berkus (Red Hat), Paris Pittman (Google), Jonas Rosland (VMware)

tl;dr A week ago we announced that registration is open for the contributor

summit , and we’re now live with the full Contributor Summit schedule!

Grab your spot while tickets are still available. There is currently a waitlist

for new contributor workshop. (Register here! )

There are many great sessions planned for the Contributor Summit, spread across

five rooms of current contributor content in addition to the new contributor

workshops. Since this is an upstream contributor summit and we don’t often meet,

being a globally distributed team, most of these sessions are discussions or

hands-on labs, not just presentations. We want folks to learn and have a

good time meeting their OSS teammates.

Unconference tracks are returning from last year with sessions to be chosen

Monday morning. These are ideal for the latest hot topics and specific

discussions that contributors want to have. In previous years, we’ve covered

flaky tests, cluster lifecycle, KEPs (Kubernetes Enhancement Proposals), mentoring, security, and more.

While the schedule contains difficult decisions in every timeslot, we’ve picked

a few below to give you a taste of what you’ll hear, see, and participate in, at

the summit:

Vision : SIG-Architecture will be sharing their vision of where we’re going

with Kubernetes development for the next year and beyond.

Security : Tim Allclair will share the current state of security, and

Vallery Lancey will lead a discussion about making our platform secure by


Prow : Interested in working with Prow and contributing to Test-Infra, but

not sure where to start? Rob Keilty will help you get a Prow test environment

running on your laptop.

Git : Staff from GitHub will be collaborating with Christoph Blecker to share

practical Git tips for Kubernetes contributors.

Reviewing : Tim Hockin will share the secrets of becoming a great code

reviewer, and Jordan Liggitt will conduct a live API review so that you can do

one, or at least pass one.

End Users : Several end users from the CNCF partner ecosystem, invited by

Cheryl Hung, will hold a Q&A with contributors to strengthen our feedback loop.

Docs : As always, SIG-Docs will run a three-hour contributing-to-documentation


We’re also giving out awards to contributors who distinguished themselves in 2019,

and there will be a huge Meet & Greet for new contributors to find their SIG

(and for existing contributors to ask about their PRs) at the end of the day on


Hope to see you all there, and make sure you register!

San Deigo team

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