Building kube-scheduler from source

Hey! I would like to run my own version of kube-scheduler in my cluster.
My main issue while trying to do so is to build docker image of my modified scheduler.
I cloned the official k8s repo from github and made changes to the scheduler source code.
Now I need to build a docker images including my changes, in order to do so I need to complie the source code but I dont know how.
If someone can offer some help or insights it will be lovely, also I would like to know where can I fine docker file.

Thanks in advance,

probably u can follow this step
compile using go-lang

Thanks for your answer, but I’ve already seen this guide.
The problem I have with it is that when you compile the git repo it takes tones of time bc you also compile stuff I don’t need like the controller for example.
I want to find a way to compile only the kube-scheduler for amd64 and not all other stuff

You can use make what=${component} to build specific pieces – check out the devel docs for more info.