Certificate Signing Request Approved but Certificate not issued

I’ve created a key, csr, and cert using this documentation: Certificate Signing Requests | Kubernetes.

My issue is that the csr was approved but a certificate was not issued:

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.19.2
Cloud being used: minikube
Installation method: minikube
Host OS: minikube on OSX

$ kubectl get certificatesigningrequests
NAME   AGE     SIGNERNAME                               REQUESTOR       CONDITION
ken    9m29s   kubernetes.io/kubelet-apiserver-client   minikube-user   Approved

According to the documentation the certificate should be at status.certificate but there is no such field. All I have for status is this:

  - lastTransitionTime: "2021-01-01T14:47:42Z"
    lastUpdateTime: "2021-01-01T14:47:42Z"
    message: This CSR was approved by kubectl certificate approve.
    reason: KubectlApprove
    status: "True"
    type: Approved

I made sure to use ken for the CN, but I did not specify a group since the rolebinding is not cluster-wide.