Challenges installing v 2.1.0 on MicroK8s onto Windows

Having some interesting challenges installing the latest update of MicroK8s on Windows.

A version from earlier this month (Jan 12 MicroK8s for Windows v 2.0.0) works fine.

When I try MicroK8s for Windows v 2.1.0 I am getting responses from Windows Security identifying:

Detected: Trojan:Win32/Fuerboos.D!cl
Status: Quarantined
Affected items: file: C:\Program Files\Microk8s.exe

Would be interested to learn more about this issue and suggested next steps.

(Also MalwareBytes flagged the issue as well, but provided a workaround that allowed me to continue.)

Thanks @Bruce_Kyle for bringing this up. This was previously reported.

Some discussion here.