Charlotte, NC CNCF/Kubernetes Meetup


Hello everyone!

Early in Kubernetes lifespan, before the project’s 1 year anniversary, I started the Charlotte Kubernetes/CNCF Meetup. But last year, I took a new job in the Denver CO area, and I’m trying to find a new group organizer I can hand off ownership/management to.

Is there anyone in the Charlotte area interested in spearheading the group? The Charlotte group was actually one of the first half-dozen Official CNCF Meetups started, and there’s still a lot of CNCF interest in the area with companies like Red Ventures, BB&T, Bayer, Duke Energy, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Ally Bank, and along with many others. Most of these companies are actually current Kubernetes contributors/operators. We have 270+ members, and I believe we can have even more once we hand things over to someone else.

If anyone is interested in carrying on the torch, please let me know. I’d be happy to transfer the Twitter account, Meetup group admin privileges, etc. I’d like to see this group continue to thrive while we’re in Denver, even though I’m sure we’ll move back at some point.