Introduce yourself here!

Welcome! Feel free to introduce yourself here, what your interests are, what cool things you’re doing with Kubernetes, etc.

Everyone who introduces themselves in this thread will be entered in a raffle for a Kubernetes t-shirt.

On Friday, May 18th at the end of the day we’ll pick a random winner, I’ll then get a hold of you to give you a code that you can use on the CNCF store for a shirt.


Hey there everyone,
I’m Bob, or more commonly known online as mrbobbytables. I’m a Research Cloud Administrator with ARC-TS at the University of Michigan and a CNCF Ambassador. I’ve been using Kubernetes since the early days (0.7), but only really been active in the community the past year and a half or so.

I’m passionate about Academic Outreach and Research – and absolutely love what Kubernetes can bring to the table in that space. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to chat or try and answer a question. Please don’t hesitate to reach out through the boards, slack, twitter or email.

Look forward to chating with ya’ll!
- Bob


First post~


Hey all, I am Khushal Sharma, commonly known as logan1x. I am currently pursuing my B.E. , i am new to this community, looking forward for help to get started :grinning:.



I’m Ismail aka @Smileisak, i’m working as DevOps Tools Engineer @ Smile Opensource Solution in Paris. CKA and CKAD.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about CNCF Kubernetes Certs.

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I am Philip Lombardi and I am an engineer at where I work on a number of Kubernetes developer productivity tools:

  • Telepresence A tool that helps you glue your dev machine into a Kubernetes cluster for a truly cloud native development experience.
  • Ambassador A Kubernetes-only API Gateway.
  • Forge A tool for managing Kubernetes manifests and optimizing the inner loop of cloud native development.

I love chatting about problems you might have and I am happy try and answer any questions. Please feel free to reach out through the boards, slack, twitter or email.



Hi All!

I’m Jeff aka jeefy. I’m a Research Database Administrator with ARC-TS at the University of Michigan. I’ve been using Kubernetes for a while (~0.7) but our focuses have changed and we’re looking to do more.

Academia and Research is where I’ve lived and what I love to focus my efforts on. I’ve been with UM for over 13 years. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Bob and I have been co-workers for just as long.

If you want to talk about Kubernetes or the Cloud-Native landscape in regards to academia or research, feel free to ping!



I’m Ayaz and looking after engineering at Cloudways. I have been using Kubernetes and its ecosystem for under a year, and planning to roll it out in production.

It’s great that we have a forum like this now. I’ll look forward to contributing as much as I can here.


Hi everyone!

I’m Jonas Rosland (@jonasrosland pretty much everywhere), I work at VMware as Open Source Community Manager and I recently got involved with the Contributor Experience SIG for Kubernetes.

Looking forward to see this place blossom :slight_smile:

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Hi All,

I’m Austin Adams, @austbot mostly everywhere.
I’m a cloud native enthusiast, tinkerer and functional programming aficionado. Professionally, I work at Ygrene Energy Fund as a Dev Manager in charge of Devops, Security and Microservice initiatives.

Been deploying stuff on the ‘cloud’ since the myspace days! And am very excited to be a part of the K8s community.

On twitter

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Hey everyone,

I’m Marvin Beckers and a Kubernetes enthusiast working at synaix (a CANCOM company). I have been working with Kubernetes for a few months now (some Docker stuff before) and it really has grown on me pretty fast.

Loving the fact there’s an “oldschool” discussion board (albeit with a modern design) available now. I’m missing that for quite a few topics.

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Hey guys,
I am Suresh Vishnoi (@suvi29 ), I am currently doing my Master Project at Mondia Media in Hamburg (Germany) on Digital Transformation using Kubernertes. In my free time, I like to spend time on StackOverflow and trying to answer questions on Kubernetes with my limited knowledge.

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Hi folks! I am Gopal (also known as @goposky). I am a consultant working in the Netherlands. Been working on kubernetes (openshift) for over an year now. Close follower of the CNCF since its inception and have helped many a colleague discover and learn Kubernetes. Looking forward to collaborate here!

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Hi there,
I am Enrique Medina Montenegro, and I’m the Chief Software Architect at the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). I’ve conducted the journey from monoliths to microservices and eventually to containers with Kubernetes, indeed.

We currently run a small subset of our business applications in K8s (just upgraded to 1.10.2), but we have already started to migrate the rest of the applications portfolio as well, so we expect to be fully running on K8s in the following months.

Looking forward to collaborating here!

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Raffle time!

Since apparently people are too shy to introduce themselves I’m going to run a quick raffle. Everyone who introduces themselves in this thread will be entered in a raffle for a Kubernetes t-shirt.

On Friday, May 18th at the end of the day we’ll pick a random winner, I’ll then get a hold of you to give you a code that you can use on the CNCF store for a shirt.


Hello everyone!

I’m Kris Dockery and I work as a Customer Reliability Engineer at Heptio. I’m also a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). I’m still new to the community, having started my Kubernetes journey last July. I’m glad to be here and hope to contribute wherever possible!


Hey everyone, I’m Steve Sloka. I work as a Systems Software Engineer at Heptio. I’ve been working with Kubernetes since Nodes were called Minions. I’ve got my CKA & CKAD and spend my days hacking on Gimbal which is an open source L7, multi-cluster load balancer, as well as a bunch of other open source projects. Happy to help out the community and contribute back!

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Hello all, I am Gowtham and I work as an Site Reliability Engineer at Rapyuta Robotics, we are building a PaaS on top of k8s, been running a cluster for 1.5 years now :slight_smile:

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Looking to the right, at the “Does your reply improve the conversation in some way?”, I’m a bit dubious, but I promise that I will be kind to all fellow community members :wink:
I’ve worked with networking, both as consultant, engineer and manager, primarily in Service Provider environments. I’ve been lucky enough to get a chance to move more towards the general infrastructure to broaden my horizon and extra lucky to have time and focus dedicated to Kubernetes for the past month.
In some ways I feel like I’m gaining clarity around some areas, while others just seem to be growing question-marks. It’s a nice journey! In a few months I can hopefully tell you about something cool we’ve done with Kubernetes, but for now it’s just breaking and googling.

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Hi All,

I’m Rory McCune (commonly found online as @raesene ). I’m a security consultant with NCC Group focusing on container and cloud security. Been looking at k8s security since mid-2016 (when our customers started asking about it :slight_smile: )

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Hello everyone!

My name is John Inama (I try to use the same handle - cygnus8595 - for everything, so it’s me here, on Slack, Twitter, GitHub, Keybase, etc.). I’m obsessed with all things k8s and I’m trying to keep my skills up as I don’t have a job (yet) where I can work with k8s all day, every day.

My k8s experience is still at what I’d call advanced beginner level. At my past job, I set up a test/POC on-premise cluster and was gearing up for creating a production environment when I ended up taking a new job that’s not nearly as close to building out container orchestration.

I’m hoping to learn as much as I can from the experts here and also give any input that may help others.

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