Introduce yourself here!

Howdy, folks!

I’m Noah Abrahams, known as nabrahams on Slack/most places, and qedrakmar on Github. I’ve been doing this Cloud thing for a very long time, and I’m currently the K8s guy in a primarily Docker-based consulting and training shop, here in Las Vegas.

I run the Las Vegas K8s community, and chose my first contribution to be release team(!!). I’m usually lurking in SIG-ContribEx, SIG-Release, and occasionally SIG-PM. As someone with more of a Sysadmin background than Software Engineering, I’m always happy to help others who want to contribute something other than code. I’m also the person that wrote the VBox adaptation for KTHW.

I’ve been at least peripherally involved in Kubernetes for about 2 years, but I’m still studying for the CKA in my non-existent spare time, as well as trying to breed a 7-legged heptapus. Those two endeavors are making about equal progress.


Hi all, I’m Andy, I work at Heptio, and I’m the project lead for Heptio Ark, a backup/recovery tool for Kubernetes resources & persistent data. I’ve been working with Kubernetes since 2014, when I was at Red Hat working on OpenShift. My initial contributions were kubectl exec and port-forward, for better or for worse :grinning:.

I’m a member of SIG API Machinery and am happy to answer any questions you all might have about Kubernetes, Go, Ark, etc.

I’m ncdc on GitHub, @andygoldstein on Twitter, and I’ve got some blog posts here.

Looking forward to meeting new people!


Hey Everyone! I’m Mario from southern Michigan. I’m working on k8s for a new ecommerce platform Liquid Web is rolling out. I also help with the Kubernetes Office-Hours monthly podcast, co-organize DevOpsDays Detroit, act as CNCF Ambassador, and help foster the local DevOps/Infrastructure community through my local meetup Orchestructure.

I’ve been working with k8s since 2016 and have been completely hypnotized by its amazing flexibility in furthering the robustness of distributed workloads. I really love the challenges of scale and optimizing the end-user experience, especially as it relates to horizontally scaling and ingress paths.

I’m looking forward to helping a lot more, especially around architecture of new components and documentation writing. Feel free to say hi on Twitter!


Hey! My name is Alex Goodman, I’m a software engineer that really enjoys thinking about and writing software for distributed systems and software packaging. I have experience with Kubernetes and OpenShift and am looking for more ways to double down on my experience with container orchestrators. Looking forward to some good discussions here :blush:

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Hello I am Keshab Rupakheti and currently working on microservices including k8s, openshift, openstack, and docker platforms. So far i am enjoying working in such agile environment and love to code

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Hi everyone,

I the tech lead of a small team, who is currently moving towards / learning kubernetes. The big plan is to move an on-prem monolith to GKE based microservices.

/ Brian

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Myself Dijeesh Padinharethil, working at Network Redux LLC, Taking my first steps into Kubernetes environment and looking forward to be a part of this community.

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Hi, I am Srdan (Serge) from New Zealand, have been using Kubernetes for about a year and a bit (since v1.2 I think). I look forward to learning about all the new features of Kubernetes and helping my fellow community members.

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Hi there!

I am Till from Hamburg / Germany. I am working with Kubernetes since one year now and fear I still have more questions then answers. But I am very thrilled to be in this community looking forward to help out where I can :wink:

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Hi, I’m Michael Bright a pre-sales Solution Architect/Developer Advocate working for HPE France on several container based projects.

Currently working on the HPE OneSphere product, a managed Kubernetes platform and RedHats’ OpenShift platform.

I’m a CKA, I do Kubernetes trainings and am wild about Serverless ….

Looking forward to exchanging with you !
(I’m @mjbright on GitHub/Twitter/LinkedIn)

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Hi, I am Mart, PhD candidate at Eindhoven University of Technology (NL). Besides the development and maintenance of our own project’s services, I support other projects with their systems. Looking into how to migrate to Kubernetes from full-blown VMs. I’m happy that I found this community because there is a lot of scattered information available on the internet that doesn’t always follow good practice. :grinning: Our servers are on-prem on multiple locations if that is relevant.


Hi, I am Salim, an IT professional coming from the background of technical support and systems administration for servers and networks. I am looking to transition into DevOps and Kubernetes is one the tool I am exploring. Looking forward to learning from you guys.:grinning:


I am Liam but go by Hacky_Penguin or HackyPenguin most places online.
I am a Devops Engineer and have been working with kubernetes for around a year or so now.
I really do love the product and I am undertaking the exam this year to become an offical KCA, I hang out on the Kubernetes Slack so feel free to come say Hi :D.

I work for a small fintech and spearheaded the adoption of Kubernetes and all things containers :D.This mainly involves me obsecuring everything kubernetes and making it more user friendly for less technical users.

Over the comming year or so I wish to reduce our VM estate by around 60% moving most of the workload into containers + kubernetes.

My github is basically just scripts but I plan on publishing some more kubernetes based helper scripts over the comming year.

I look forward to collaborating here :smiley:


Hello guys, my name is Pavan and I work at Shippable, a DevOps company. I would like to know more about Kubernetes and tutorials. In fact, we have also written some tutorials on Kubernetes. I am also a guest contributor at various tech publications on the topic ‘DevOps’. Day by day. my love for Kubernetes is increasing. Good to be here.


My name is Kurt and I am a Solutions Architect for CloudBees. CloudBees as a whole and me as an individual, have jumped into k8s in a big way over the last 6 months or so. I have begun a series on CI/CD on Kubernetes with Jenkins at my website - with two part already posted and a third hopefully coming later this week.


Hello everyone!

I’m Alen from Sarajevo. I help companies to embrace DevOps and Cloud Native. Started to work with containers 6 years ago and still learning :slight_smile: Also, I write about Cloud Native, mostly about Kubernetes topics. Please check my blog I’m the organizer of our local Cloud Native meetup group in Sarajevo, so can’t wait to get more people on board!

Feel free to contact me on Twitter!


My name is Ivan and I’m a Cloud System Developer from Cloudreach :canada:. I am a CKA and CKAD. For the past two years, I have the opportunity to help development teams from a few companies with their Kubernetes adoption. The journey and outcomes have been very positive. I am currently learning about service mesh, and am very excited about Conduit.

Looking forward to continue learning from and contributing to this wonderful community!

You can find me on Twitter and GitHub.


Hi, I am Wong Heung Sang. I am just a programmer. I want to be a cloud engineer, so I am here

I contribute a lot to open source. You can found me on github and gnome gitlab

And I love watching movies, classics, b&w, all over the world


HI everyone! :slight_smile:

I’m Bart and, I’m software engineer working with kubernetes from around a year. I’m moving to vmware, where I’ll be working with kubernetes even more. I would love to help and contribute to kubernetes itself, so I’ll spend some time figuring out, how to do that in the most useful way.

Bart Smykla


Hey y’all,

My name is James Wen and I’m currently a Site Reliability Engineer at Spotify working on the team responsible for migrating our runtime to Kubernetes. I’ve given a couple of talks about our migration process and I’m always happy to talk with anyone about Kubernetes and infrastructure strategies/approaches in general! @rochesterinnyc screen name on github, linkedin, FB, instagram, etc.

Also, currently over halfway in the OMSCS program if anyone’s interested in talking about that or is an alumni.