Introduce yourself here!


I’m Brian Akins - most folks just call me bakins. I’m currently a Principal Engineer at MailChimp. We are currently running a few applications in production on Kubernetes. I talked about this at KubeCon We will be deploying more and more things as we rearchitect our core application.


Hi I’m Mike Patterson, currently SRE at Adobe working on Adobe Spark service.
We currently have a managed monolith service in AWS.
Ran a POC in AWS using EKS, and looking to get production ready and break up monolith app into smaller pieces managed by sub-teams.


I’m Valentino Pistis (vpistis) from Cagliari, Sardegna (Italy), I’m a system engineer and devops specialist. I’m working at making solutions for the smart mobility. I love kubernetes and microservices: we moved all production services to kubernetes (kops+aws) some months ago.


Hi! I’m David Crawford, a Solution Architect at Microsoft. I deliver solutions for customers as part of our Enterprise Services Apps Domain architect team. I’m one of our WW Community leads/champs/smes (depending on which community and which hat is required) however my main focus is IoT. Great to see everyone! :wave:


Dear All

I am Karthik Dev Ops Engineer @ FGE Control Private Limited, Singapore

Very happy to see such tools


Hi all.

I’m aleks from I work since ~2015 with Openshift V3 and since ~2003 with haproxy.
Currently I’m consulting in the Enterprise environment banks, insurance and Transport companies to deploy and implement openshift.

I will now go deeper into plain kube :wink:


Hi all,
I’m Gigo from Taiwan. My company adopted gke for about half year. Actually, in the beginning, gke just work, but we would soon encountered performance and stability issues on production environment.

Now, it looks better for daily deployment. Hope we can share experiences here :smiley:



I happen to be Fabian, working on behalf of Red Hat on KubeVirt, an operator to run Virtual Machines on top of Kubernetes.

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Looks like I missed the t-shirt contest.

Jorge, maybe you can post a link to a K8 t-shirt that we can order on our own.

My name is Gib. I work at a big company near Detroit. I run a small innovation lab that is just now starting to use K8 and OpenStack.


Welcome Gib! The Kubernetes section of the CNCF store is here:

We could perhaps run a new tshirt contest if anyone has any ideas.


Cool. I’ve got 4 internal Ford customers who are interested in K8.


Hi all, my name is Olaf, i’m co-founder and CTO of, a canary-solution for DC/OS and K8s-based application landscapes. I love solving business challenges with technology, and always focus on the ‘why’ behind questions.

We have published articles about Vamp, canary releasing/testing and using Istio on medium and you can find more info on Vamp on our site

We’re Amsterdam (NL) based, so feel free to come over for a coffee or cold beer when in the neighbourhood. Always happy to chat, answer questions and have a good conversation.

tnx, Olaf


Hi there,
Hi there, I’m Giorgio Cerruti. I’m very happy about being added to this group. Looking forward to chat about K8S deeper. :grinning:


Hi I am Victor Hernandez, I am from Guadalajara Mexico but currently I am working at GM Financial, Texas and we are preparing to implement kubernetes at our company.

Thanks in advance for your support.


Hi, I’m Jason. I write training courses for SUSE’s Kubernetes products. I was in support and system administration for many years and I am now interested in all think containers.


HI All… I am Sunil from India…glad to meet you all…and enhance my knowledge on K8’s

Have a look at my website


I want to get the CKA, have you got some suggestion on top of your head for me? Did you study using books or have you used the website?

Thanks in advance.


Hola to all , Great to see a vibrant community initiative


Hello Everyone,

My name is Ishwar Kanse. I work as a Senior Technical Support Engineer for Ansible at Red Hat. I’m a Certified Kubernetes Administrator. I’ve worked on many freelance Kubernetes projects for clients. I’ve been following the Kubernetes project from its initial release and learning it since then. Glad to be a part of the awesome community. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I’m Pete, and I am a fellow Kubernetes administrator and SRE/DevOps practitioner. I’ve run k8s in production at three separate companies and have been using it since sometime in the 0.x beta tree. I occasionally write open-source utilities to make Kubernetes work better for me.

Thanks for the invite; I’m excited to participate in these Kubernetes discussions.