Quick state of discuss.k8s.io (and also help us pick a great design!)

Hi everyone,

I meant to do this before the end of the year but I’ve been slammed with Kubecon prep, and now that that’s done I’d like to get your honest feedback on how we’re doing.

First off, I’d like to thank you all for participating, growth has been pretty much green across the board (other than December because we all deserve a break). Our hardworking friends at the CNCF have been working on a new Kubernetes community page which will link new users directly to these forums.

If you’re wondering, just about all the traffic so far has come from the old kubernetes-users list and organic searches, the new page linking to this forum has not yet gone live, which means that we can expect a new influx of users.

To prep for this I need your help:

If you see good content, click the heart

The way this site works is by rewarding people who help other people and are recognized by their peers as being helpful. Clicking the heart not only thanks them but also helps build our community web of trust; this site is run by the community, the more helpful someone is, the more responsibility they are given. This is how we’ll build a great network of people who are there for each other.

Tell a friend

We strive to make this resource useful to you. The more people, the better.


We’ve all been there. Systems are hard. Distributed Systems are even harder. The internet is full of snark, we strive to be a welcoming community where we value treating each other with respect. Let’s show people what we’re made of, sharing your experience with Kubernetes with everyone else and helping a peer is always appreciated. If you’re interested in levelling up we have mentorship programs that are always in need of help.

OK enough preaching let’s bikeshed

I have 4 designs from the always awesome Alex Contini, let’s talk about them:


As a follow up I’d like to thank those of you that came from the kubernetes-users mailing list. Changing platforms can be hard and I hope that the content we have on the site so far has made the adjustment worth it.

That being said we always have room to improve, so please feel free to let me know what bothers you so that we can fix it. :smiley:

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+1 for #3
Like the big logo :slight_smile:

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definitely +1 for #3


On the #3 train. Thanks for all the work you are putting into this @castrojo. I was new to the community when you first invited me to join and it’s been a great experience so far.


Just to make things complicated, what if you combine two and three? Let the image dip below to cover the navigation but keep the logo on the right. Just a thought.

If that’s a no, I’m on the 3 train, too.


Suggestion, regardless of design: if the intention is for users to hit the heart icon often, either write that in a document presented to new users or nudge them into doing it periodically. I don’t typically bother doing it and going by the lack of hearts I’ve seen around here, neither do many others.


Adding another +1 to No3

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I cover that in the tutorial video up top, though I doubt most people will sit through the entire thing, I’ll investigate how to surface tips in a more digestible manner, thanks!

Clicked it, saw it was 9 minutes long, and decided to not stick around for that long. I think the idea of a video welcome is great, but it needs to be shorter and more heavily edited.

Make a few ten-second ones (“Here at Discuss Kubernetes, we show our appreciation for great comments by hitting the Heart button. It helps bring the community together and highlights great effort by our members!” would be one example) and randomly show each one on the left on the landing page, under the categories.

Don’t autoplay though, because just… don’t. :smiley:

I’m voting for #3. The Kubernetes logo is recognized enough for the Kubernetes text to become redundant. So the background logo makes sense.

One objection I have is about the height of the blue area. It’s too big. Most people have 16:9 monitors, maybe some 16:10. That area is taking considerable space on lower than FullHD resolutions. There’s too much white space between the top margin and the title, there is room for improvement here.

Offtopic-ish: here’s a funny presentation on web design: The Website Obesity Crisis by Maciej Ceglowski. I find it quite relevant even today.

Maybe you can create a scenario for the discobot, rather than a video.