Introduce yourself here!


Hello All,

I’m Hosam working as senior OpenStack Architect in TelcoCloud (SDN-NFV), thank you for this invitation,


Hello Everyone!

I am Subodh & I am Architect for DevOps/MicroServices Ecosystem including Openshift/Kubernetes/Docker for a large Financial Institution. I have experience in running k8s/OCP in production in large complex environments mainly focusing on Service Data Plane and Security aspect of K8s.

Thanks for inviting. Hoping to contribute to the community.




My name is Andrew, and i am studying distributed database administration, and how Kubernetes can orchastrate streams, in memory and persistent stores.


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I’m James and started working with Kubernetes about a year ago. Having this as an open forum is a good idea and should have come sooner. Following git issues can be tedious for things. :slight_smile: Our organization is moving to GCP/GKE so a lot of our sore spots will be ironed out, but actually moving things at scale will be the new challenge compared to our small on-prem POC.



Hello all!
Name’s Max, role’s operations engineer, company’s Evil Martians.
Kubernetes user since dark ages (for about two years now).
Author of chef-kubernetes cookbook.


Hello All,
I am Rishi, Software Engineer in Cisco’s CloudCenter team. I have written kubernetes deployment workflow in CloudCenter. I am using Kubernetes from a very long time.

Thanks for inviting.


Hi, everyone. I’m Mark Betz. I work on the engineering operations team at Olark, a provider of live chat services. Engineering operations is sort of where SRE meets devops at our small company. I’ve been working with containers and kubernetes since 2015 I guess. I occasionally write stuff at and

What cool things do we do with it at Olark? Keep our stuff running on GKE every day :).

Thanks for the invitation. Looking forward to participating.



Hi all, I’m Diego aka naarani from Italy.

Currently running some small applications on Kubernetes since two years and I’m studing for the CKAD



Hi there, my name is Jeremy Cowan. I’m a container specialist at AWS where I help customers understand the different services that are available to run containers on AWS, like EKS. Looking forward to learning from the broader Kubernetes community.



My name is Chris, from Ottawa, Canada. I recently got my CKA and work for a small team leading my organizations first Kubernetes deployment. Which is very exciting.

Always looking forward to learning something new and sharing what I know.

Thanks for the invite!


Hello everyone!

I’m Jon, a backend software developer at a startup in San Francisco. I’ve been working with Kubernetes for about a year now in production and the more I learn the more I’m interested in the platform. I’m currently reading Kubernetes in Action by Marko Luksa and have really enjoyed learning more about Kube primitives and internals. Thanks for making this forum it’s been a great source of info!


Hi everyone, I’m Takehiro, iyatomi is my first name.
I’m CTO of small mobile game studio in Japan and use Kubernetes to run private ethereum chain for our game.

I slightly new to the technology and only control k8s via part of terraform, but it already helps us so much. wanna learn more advanced knowledge from you all :smiley:


Hello everyone, I am Mohammed Zeeshan Ahmed, but you can call me Zeeshan.
On most channels, I go by the nick mzee1000.

I work as a Software Engineer, for Red Hat, contributing mainly to CentOS Community Container Pipeline there. Other than that, i help maintain multiple centos system and application containers. Also, i contribute to Fedora project.

I also contribute to Kubernetes, and currently, I am CI Signal Lead for Kubernetes 1.12 release cycle (on the Kubernetes Release Team).

Looking forward to get to learn a whole lot more from this community and everyone here.


Hi! Alexis from France. I have a lab spine/leaf backbone and I am trying to install kubernetes cloud.
Looks fun !


Hi All, my name is Douglas Land and I’m the whole of DevOps/SRE at a small startup named OJO Labs in Austin, Tx. I’ve been using and administering kubernetes for a couple of years now.


Hi all,

I’m Steve (swolter@ or stwolter@ everywhere). I’ve been using Kubernetes for ~3 years now, mostly migrating internal Google applications to GKE.


Hi, I am Sean.

I am a senior Engineer at Legal & General. I have been working with Kubernetes for a while now and just starting to play with service mesh.


Hi, my name is Oleg Verhovsky , I am CTO of Codefresh , CD platform for microservices.


Hi everyone.
My name is Jordan. I’m system specialist at Kroton Educacional and I’m here to contribute and earn some knowledge as payback.