Charmed Kubernetes 1.16.0 beta available

Looking for an easy way to kick the tires on 1.16 before it’s released? The beta release of Charmed Kubernetes 1.16.0 is available, and is easy to try on a variety of public clouds, on-prem virtualization, and bare metal.

To try it out, follow the quick start instructions, appending --channel edge to the command in Step 6.

Some new additions coming in Charmed Kubernetes 1.16 include:

  • Kubernetes 1.16
  • Kata containers support - run insecure/untrusted pods in Kata containers
  • AWS IAM integration for authn/authz - authenticate to your cluster using AWS IAM credentials
  • Improved support for deploying on LXD - manual configuration of LXD profiles is no longer necessary
  • Better integration with Octavia load balancer when running on OpenStack - use Octavia to load balance traffic to API servers

Have questions or need help? Join us in #cdk on the Kubernetes Slack!