CKA Vs CKAD Which one is best?

Hello Everyone, I am new here and I am preparing for Kubernetes certification but I am confused about which one best for me. I have 2 year experience in PHP and want to build my career in Kubernetes Administrator. I have checked on google to find best kubernetes certification and I have confused between 3 certifications which I mentioned below

  1. Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)
  2. Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)
  3. Software Conformance (Certified Kubernetes)

Can anyone know about the Kubernetes administration? who’s suggest me the right path for right certification?

This question is probably best answered by someone who has completed both the CKA and CKAD. I am currently working on my CKA and thinking of also doing the CKAD as well. Personally, I wish I did it the other way around as there is some overlap and CKA seems to have way more topics (3 hour exam vs 2 hours for CKAD) and is more difficult from what I read.

However, my interest was understand how to better manage and architect container environments vs developing applications in a container environment. Eg. CKA is ideal for administrators while CKAD is more ideal for developers.

With your PHP background and desire to get into K8s administration, I suggest the CKA, but if you have the cycles go for both as you already seem to have some development experience (with PHP).

Sorry, I don’t know much about Software Conformance certification.

Bobby Saini

Feel free to have a look at this free ebook that covers both certifications CKA and CKAD: