Help people to get certified :)

Hi there, Since I wanna get my CKA certification I’ve made this topic for those of you who have had the certification already and want to give some suggestion like where study arguments, books, which arguments better get focused.


The cncf curriculum is a great place to start. Kubernetes the hard way to understand how everything is put together is really important. The other important thing is to read through the test takers guide that you get when registering for the test.


Thanks, @ralph I didn’t know the cncf curriculum.

Does that mean that they give you a test takers guide once you’ve done the registration?


I recommend the following materials:

Kubernetes: Up and Running (link)

Kubernetes The Hard Way (link)

Kubernetes Fundamentals (includes course and certification) (link)


Indeed. Once you’ve registered there is a PDF for the rules of the test and what to expect from the way the test is proctored.


In addition to the resources krisdock listed I found running through the tasks on (Tasks - Kubernetes) to be very useful in my last minute study cram.

Also this article by Heptio detailing study tips their engineers use had a lot of resources I found to be extremely helpful.

Good luck!


Hello folks,
I found this article regrouping many resources for the preparation of the CKA.

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How long have you been studied before you feel ready for the exam? I know this is all about personal skills but just to have an idea.

Is there any mock test available before attend CKA exam?

Leading up to the exam I was using or studying k8s almost everyday to some degree for about 2 months. Prior to that I had been experimenting with it as a hobby and understood the basic concepts (took the k8s courses on edX). Even then I didn’t feel ready when i wrote it and I thought I’d be doing the retake :slight_smile:

I found just testing playing/break/fixing helped the most. Working through all the examples on the task list was super helpful as it exposes you to some of the objects you don’t necessarily think of touching.