Just took the CKA --and got destroyed. Not sure how to proceed for round 2

Hi all,
first time poster.
I’ve been studying kubernetes off and on for about 18 months now.
I got serious about 6 months ago to take the CKA and I took every kubernetes course I could from the linuxacademy site and off coursera.
I just took the CKA test and barely completed 1/3 of the work.
It was brutally hard.
How do I practice and train for this?
It feels like the prep course work does not do nearly enough to make you ready for an exam of this magnitude.
I still have one more shot at this I can take without having to pay more.
I really want to make the most of it and succeed.
I could really use some advice on how to properly study for something this hard.
I have a degree from a 4 year university and I’ve taken cert courses before but this just felt unreal in it’s scope.
Thank you for your time.

It is pretty hard, I think the problem is that this tests you on your real skill, not some multiple choice. What I can recommend to you, what helped me big time is MAKING IT YOUR OWN, meaning: Setup your own Kubernetes Server on your laptop or desktop. I run a physical server (that is an old PC) and installed Kubernetes there via Kubeadm and simulated everything from deployments to services etc. That gives you hands on experience and you are using it for something real.
My brain wipes things that I don’t use for real things, so making it my own like this is essential. This also makes you become faster. For obvious reasons we can’t talk about specifics about the test, as we have signed a non disclosure agreement, but I found ways to create my own docker containers, then pushing them to dockerhub and then used them in Kubernetes, doing upgrades of the deployments with different versions for example.
It helped a lot too with services to see how they worked. I run the control plane server on the main Linux Server (I used Debian, because I like that most) and did virtual machines for the extra nodes.