Practice Kubernetes Assignments

Are there any sites or list of practice problems with answers that a newbie can do? Like when you are in school and they give you a paper to write the code.

I know that with the CKA course i am taking through udemy they use some “labs” from kodekloud. Might be a good place to start. It’s not free. But so far i have been VERY impressed with the lab setups.

You are given a REAL k8s environment (some small vm’s spun up realtime JUST for your lab)
They deploy stuff into it for the lab. Then there is a “quiz” portal. You go to the first one, it will be like “find out how many pods in this cluster” then answer that. Easy.

Then it starts going to the real stuff.
“we have deployed an application into the environment, something is wrong, fix it”
you then have to check logs, look at configs, ect. Determine the problem, FIX the problem. Then when you think you have it. You hit the button that says “check” and it will confirm the issue is resolved.

REALLY cool. Best lab environment I have seen in awhile and for k8s it’s been REALLY helpful.