Please refrain from posting CKA/CKAD exam content or cheatsheets here

Hi everyone, recently we’ve had people posting answers to the CKA exam here. This is a reminder that publishing exam content is in severe violation of the CNCF Certification and Confidentiality Agreement candidates sign at exam registration (it is considered cheating). If you see CKA or CKAD content here please flag it and we’ll clean it up.

Violations could result in a revoked certification, a temporary ban, or possibly a permanent one. The CNCF works very hard to create fair and challenging exams in support of the K8s community. We ask that you take the security and integrity of these exams seriously and do not post exam content.
Please help keep discuss friendly and on topic, thanks!

A quick update for Spring 2020:

People have been attempting to hide exam content, or cheatsheets for use during the exam in existing threads. Our volunteers are sick of cleaning up this site for cheaters, so moving forward we will ruthlessly ban anyone posting this content without exception, thanks for understanding.



I’m about to publish a long documentation about Kubernetes fundamentals, to prepare the CKA & CKAD certifications.

I would not like to be in violation with the CNCF Certification and Confidentiality Agreement by accidentally publishing exam content.

Would the CNCF be interested in having a look at my documentation and validate that the contents is not in contradiction with the agreement?