CKAD - Exam Prep

Hello All!

I’m very new to this Kubernetes & Linux platform. After 8 months of practice, I’m planning to take the CKAD certification exam this month (Jan 2021). I did my CKAD course from KodeKloud - Mumshad - on Udemy and I’m pretty thorough with all the topics covered.

In the CNCF CKAD exam guidelines, it has been mentioned that we are allowed to use; Kubernetes · GitHub sites alone. So my question is - will the clusters be already set up by the exam provider or do we have to setup from scratch : installing kubeadm,kubectl,kubelet & CRI ( I hope it is still docker , not containerd ??) ?

q2: the curriculum mentions two type of clusters with Flannel & Calico CNI - but the setup path, i.e & kubectl create -f are available under flannel git repo & calico documentation site, not on Kubernetes documentation; also we are not allowed to use our notepads. How do we setup then?

q3: I use alias k=kubectl - which is working , but the autocompletion script [source <(kubectl completion bash)
echo “source <(kubectl completion bash)” >> ~/.bashrc] seems to be not working ?

Also, please provide some general cmds(i have never used Linux - although I’m good with the cmds mentioned in the course and i did the course - Linux for Cloud & DevOps from another trainer)/tips I should be familiar with before attempting the exam.

Hello, @SuryaLeon
First of all, in the CKAD exam you don’t have to setup cluster from scratch. You will get pre-setup cluster during the exam.
Don’t worry for Network addons (flannel, Calico), Developer certification, you don’t needed to deploy network plugins.

Hello Tej ,

Thank you for your reply. I took the CKAD exam few days back and found the same.