CKAD Exam Enviroment

I already using vim with some customization in the vmrc & other plugins

can I use any additional vim plugins in the exam or it is forbidden ?

can i source .vmrc from GitHub/GitLab ?

No, you’re only allowed to use what you have access to on the host systems.

You would have to know the full URL, wouldn’t you? I thought you can’t go anywhere outside of sites as far as I’m aware.

If we can curl/wget any URL, what’s the rules on installing lynx on the hosts and using google?

Edit: Playing a bit of devil’s advocate here btw.

The sessions have an observer, you’d be courting getting banned from the test/any future test doing that.

@rdawoud you will be allowed to use the resources documented here.

@mrbobbytables from my own experiences, I would be surprised if PSI proctors understood anything that happens terminal-side. The way they administered the rules showed to me they lack some basic comprehension skills in administering these types of tests, not just for CNCF; which makes me hope CNCF partners with literally anyone else in the future so I can continue to protest PSI as a company :rofl:.

there is a wide range of things to be done from CLI , exam rule only mention open a tab in the browser & also the instruction they mention “7- Installation of services and applications included in this exam may require modification of system security policies to successfully complete” not sure what this mean