Client-go serialization

client-go version: 0.17.0

I try to serialize the following:

buf := bytes.NewBufferString("")
scheme := runtime.NewScheme()
serializer := json.NewSerializerWithOptions(json.DefaultMetaFactory, scheme, scheme, json.SerializerOptions{
	Pretty: true,
	Yaml:   false,
	Strict: true,
ar := &admissionv1.AdmissionReview{
	Response: &admissionv1.AdmissionResponse{
		Allowed: true,
err := serializer.Encode(ar, buf)
require.NoError(t, err)

And I get the following result:

  "response": {
    "uid": "",
    "allowed": true

As you can see the TypeMeta is empty.

When I refer to the docs for json.NewSerializerWithOption:

If typer is not nil, the object has the group, version, and kind fields set

As you can see, my typer is not nil, but TypeMeta is not set.

I am not sure what am I missing.