Survey: Improved client support for Server Side Apply

As part of an effort to bring Server Side Apply to GA, some of us in the SIG API machinery and the Kubebuilder communities are improving the client library support for Apply (KEP), and we need your help!

We are looking for feedback on how to best generate go types that clients can use to make apply requests in a typesafe, programmatic way. We have working prototypes, for both CRDs (via Kubebuilder) and built in Kubernetes types (via client-go), and we are looking for developers willing to try them out and provide feedback. (See the motivation section of the KEP for an explanation of why we are generating types for Apply).

Your feedback matters. It will help us make decisions around aspects like how we should generate types for Apply (“go structs with pointers” or “builders”?)

How you can help: Follow these instructions to get started.


@jefftree, @jpbetz