Using Golang with Kubernetes

Does anyone know where i can find the documentation on the golang packages/libraries for Kubernetes?
For example I have: clientset.CoreV1().Pods(body.Namespace)
Trying to figure out where this is define? Where are the methods like Pods is defined?
any help is great apperciated.

You’ll find what you need typically somewhere between the Go client, apimachinary, and api typically.

For example, the pod structure can be found in the api here.

Thank you so much for sharing those links. But is there no documentation on how to use each function or what each function does? I come from Python and new to Go and in Python usually each method is explained briefly on what it does. Is there no such a thing in this case?
Thank you again!

As a developer you’re going to have to get comfortable with the idea that you will see documentation like this and have to figure out how to apply it.

If you find yourself struggling with this, I recommend reading this book to start filling in knowledge gaps that may be lingering from however you learned to code. It will help build a deeper fundamental understanding of programming with the language you already know. The knowledge translates beyond just python.

For the Go client specifically, there are examples in the git repo. Beyond basic usage, the rest of the documentation will only make sense if you actually learn how to use Kubernetes. If you absolutely can’t live without examples, you should learn to use the github search features and start looking at projects like helm and some of the operators out there.