Cloud automation without GCE or AWS

I’m beginner with Kubernetes and the containers.
I have two questions for you:

  1. Is is possible to run Kubernetes without using GCE or AWS? Because I read here, that’s not possible. I mean, can I install three linux machines, one master, and two node geographically separated (all three have the reachability)?

  2. I understand the concept of image used by kubernetes to deploy a POD, but can I use my own image? Like this one, and then deploy the configuration on the node?

Thanks for the reply


  1. Yes, it’s possible to run without AWS or GCE. Not sure how that relates to gragraphic location in your question and I’m kind of lost. But, basically, you need good latency and is heavy on inter-nodes traffic, so you usually can’t nodes on differentregions (you can have them in different datacenters within one region)

  2. Not sure I follow. If it’s a docker image, you can run it in a pod, sure. The host usually is not modified by pods, and you can’t run any OS, as you need an OS with the kubernetes agents, docker, etc. You can take whatever OS you want and install what is needed, though, although I hardly recommend that unless you have a good reason for that. Can you please elaborate on what you want to achieve? :slight_smile:

I have three physical servers. All three on different networks. The purpose is to simulate an entreprise with two sites geographicaly separated.
I want to use kubernetes to use the server alone as master and the two others as node.
Then, with the master, create a container with this image , to create a VPN between the two nodes, and to orchestrate it remotely.
Hope it’s more clear now, if not, I’m here to explain :slight_smile:

Basically, you will run into several issues if you do it. Communication between nodes and the master assume to be on a local LAN (for latency and throughput).

You could have 3 kubernetes clusters on each location and use a VPN to connect them (or a network overlay, I think calico supports inter cluster communications in recent releases). And, for testing purposes, you can have the control plane act as a worker node too.

Don’t know if this helps :slight_smile:

Is this not what I was looking for?

No, that is having different clusters on each region. IOW, you have a control plane and workers on each, IIUC.