Cloud automation


I have a question for you:

Let’s suppose I have three physical servers; two on the same area, and the last one elsewhere (not on the same network). May I use this infrastructure with Kubernetes? I mean in terms of cloud automation: is it possible to deploy VMs with Kubernetes? Is it possible to have one master node on the cloud and to have many edge clouds?

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Adriano Macor

I don’t think there is much preventing you from having nodes spread across multiple zones. The biggest hurdle is the latency between nodes that will give you issues, I can’t recall what the limit is. If the zones are close enough together you should be good, some reference Running in Multiple Zones - Kubernetes . This goes with your question about having a master node and multiple edge clouds, you may want to look into Federation v2, .

As for cloud automation, Kubernetes can to some extent create new VMs via the cluster autoscaler, .