Cloud Native Barcelona - Contributing to Kubernetes, join the sig-docs hackathon! - May 16th

Are you interested in learning how to contribute to Kubernetes? Do you want to become part of a localization team? Join us on the first sig-docs hackathon in the Cloud Native Barcelona meetup!

Since the addition of multilingual support for the Kubernetes website in November (Kubernetes Docs Updates, International Edition - Kubernetes), the support from the community has been amazing and currently 10 localisation teams working making the documentation more accessible by breaking the language barrier.

Doesn’t matter if you are an expert user or just started playing with Kubernetes, you can add new documentation from your own experience or based on the English knowledge base, review existing documentation or just fix typos, any contribution would be appreciated!

If you can’t wait for the Hackathon, feel free to join us in the Kubernetes Slack channel (

Event agenda

18:30 - How to contribute to Kubernetes

This talk will cover an overview of how Kubernetes community is organised, the different groups of interest, the Code of Conduct, types of contributors and responsibilities, how to join to the Slack channels and the GitHub flows that you need to know when contributing.

18:50 - Setup your local environment for contributing

We will start setting up our locals environments for running the Kubernetes site locally with Hugo or Docker. If you want to prepare the environment at home, please follow the instruction in

19:00 - Let’s contribute!

Check current PRs and review them, start working on new content, review existing content and open a PR for fixing issues, whatever you want! We will provide a list of suggestions on what can you contribute based on the current team prioritisation, but it’s entirely up to you.

If you want, you can even start a localization for a new language! We will help you with every step of the way.

20:30 - Event wrap-up and further steps

After the event, we will go to grab some eat, feel free to join us.