Cloud Native San Diego / KubeCon: recaps, talk recommendations

Similar to Cloud Native Barcelona / KubeCon EU: recaps, talk recommendations, feel free to use this thread to point out talks that you went to that you’d like to share your experience about.

Here’s the playlist of all the videos, though it appears they’re still in the process of adding them. Feel free to link to individual videos you attended here!

Gareth Rushgrove gave an awesome one that got me excited to write rego and to enforce all the policy. Seems like only day 1 is up so far.


I really learned a bunch from this one, and I’ve been speaking for a long time now:

Sharing is Caring: How to Begin Speaking at Conferences - Jenny Burcio & Ashlynn Polini, Docker

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I have written about all the sessions I liked here.


The reddit talk is always good from an ops perspective:

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Every year the folks at CloudYuga generate a list of all the videos AND slides from the conference into one really useful list, I can’t recommend this enough:

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