Kubecon | Cloud Native Con EU 2018 Videos


All the videos from Kubecon/Cloud Native Con are now posted if you missed it:


The CERN keynote was one of my favorites.

Still hard to imagine 210 clusters…just wow


yea, cool talk. It’s interesting to see how they use it to aggregate clusters “on the fly”. Like, spinning up a new cluster on Google Cloud and just adding it to their pool of resources.


Oh, we shouldn’t forget about the pictures:


Here are a comprehensive Kubecon videos their slides with different categories.
credit goes to Cloudyuga.


If you are looking for Dec KubeCon 2017 & May 2018 slides at one place here is a repo I created this week.
[https://github.com/qarham/kubecon-slides](http://KubeCon Slides)