ClusterIP and local NodePort Support on Windows Kubernetes nodes

Hi, a couple of questions regarding Kubernetes Windows nodes (Using vanilla Kubernetes v1.21.1):
1- When will “sigwindowstools/flannel" for Windows “20H2” becomes available? Current “v0.1.5" supports up to Windows “2004”.

2- When will support for “ClusterIPs” on Windows nodes become available? When a service for a Windows workload is created, the ClusterIP for that service is available from Linux nodes/PODs but not Windows nodes/PODs. NodePort seems to be the only way to call Windows services hosted on Windows PODs from Windows nodes and PODs. This is not optimal as the cal has to outside the cluster and back in again and curiously the local NodePort call is not supported on Windows node and another node must be use. I found this article which seem to confirm my findings: Intro to Windows support in Kubernetes | Kubernetes, under “Networking" section.