IPv6 questions for Windows worker nodes

So, I’m in the process of attempting to add a Windows worker node to an existing cluster that has operational Linux worker nodes. Right now this cluster is IPv6 only.

I’ve got docker and the kubelet working on Windows Server 2019 and the worker can register, however, I’m now stuck at the networking portion. It looks like flannel only supports IPv4, so that seems to be a dead end there.

As far as I can understand with the documentation, there aren’t many networking modes than can support IPv6 on Windows.

I’m looking to do ToR/BGP for this networking.

Are there any networking drivers that can support IPv6 that I’m overlooking? Or is my only option at this time to change our existing cluster to dual stack and run IPv4 only on the Windows worker nodes?

Happy to hear any suggestions that may get me around this roadblock. Thank you!