CronJob: How to set a pod limit on concurrent, and simultaneously running CronJobs

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version:1.16.6-beta.0
Cloud being used: AWS
Installation method:Part of Docker Desktop
Host OS: Windows 10 (10.0.17134)
CNI and version: Unsure
CRI and version: Unsure

I have a situation where I have set up a basic cron job, which will be processing items from an idempotent queue. I want to allow up to 10 instances of the cron job to run (concurrently), but no more than 10. I DO NOT want to use parallelism, just serially launch 1 a minute until it has a max of 10 running (if the queue is completely full, and need more running processes). If there are already 10 cron jobs (10 running pods), then no additional cron jobs should be launched. Can anyone provide guidance on how to accomplish this in terms of spec settings (using a deployment yaml file)?

I’m not sure cronjob has this limit. You might try running a script in Jenkins, Lambda or Cron on a separate instance that checks how many pods are running.