How to create kubernetes job/cronjob which will run continuously

I needed a clarification .
I have a kubernetes job. I want to execute this job continuously . Like 1st will run, it will take around 10 or 15 minutes to complete. Then it will wait for 2 minutes. again same job will be triggered. like that it continue.

Is there any to way to achieve this via cronjob or job …

Yeah assign it in Pod and then use that Pod template in cronjob.spec.jobTemplate.spec.template field. Add parallelism and completions field as well to execute couple of Jobs.

Thanks for replying.
I thought the completion field is available for kind: Job. not cronjob.
But if we specify completion field for job or cronjob, it will be fixed positive number. Only that many times it will run. I need it to be running continuously .
In my use case it is kind of monitoring/metric sending job…

so after job gets triggered, it will collect some metric from one cluster, and will send those data to a different server.
Then wait for 5 minutes after completion of the 1st Job
Again do the exercise…

so it has to be continuous execution.

Thanks in advance…