Cronjob yaml file not visible in the Kubernetes dashboard/GUI after upgrade the cluster to v1.27

I have updated the cluster version in Kubernetes to 1.27, but I am facing the issue with cronjobs after cluster upgrade that when I tried to edit the cronjob in the kubernetes GUI/dashboard then it is not showing any .yaml file associated with cronjob and also when I tried to delete the any cronjob using kubernetes GUI then its shows internal server error. Below is the screen shot of the error.

The last K8 version in which cronjob yaml file is editable is V1.24. After upgrade to v1.27 above issue came.

The cluster is on by IBM cloud. Redirect from ibmcloud to kubernetes-dashboard

To solve this i have tried to upgrade the kubernetes-dashboard to latest version as per link- Release v3.0.0-alpha0 · kubernetes/dashboard · GitHub

Please guide how to install and enable the latest kubernetes dashboard on cluster.
How to shift from K8s-dashboard v2.7.0 to v3.0.0-alpha0