Dashboard doesn't show up any resource

I deployed a Dashboard with: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kubernetes/dashboard/v2.7.0/aio/deploy/recommended.yaml
I could create an user that can access the resources, but I have to log in with a token, I used: Tutorial: Deploy the Kubernetes Dashboard (web UI) - Amazon EKS
Then I wanted to log in without authentication, so I used: kubectl patch deployment kubernetes-dashboard -n kubernetes-dashboard --type ‘json’ -p ‘[{“op”: “add”, “path”: “/spec/template/spec/containers/0/args/-”, “value”: “–enable-skip-login”}]’

Then I can log-in skipping the authentication but the default user (or Service Account?) can’t see any resource (nodes, pods, services…)

Can you help me give permissions to the default user?


Maybe this post could help Addon: dashboard

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