'declare-network-policy' from kubernetes documentation not working

Hello World,

Problem statement: Wanted to secure service[actually pod] by limiting access to it by other services/pods inside the same cluster/namespace. I have landed on this below page and tried producing the same in my cluster. It did not work. Even I applied network policy as shown in the example in the below doc, it did not limit access to the new pod which got created without any access label.

A couple of guys from last local KubeMeetup tried it on their cluster and it did not work for them too.
It sounds like a bug in this solution, someone please correct it?

Do you have a network policy agent running, such as Calico? NP API requires a plugin that implements it.

Thank you for the the pointer, I am using AKS [Azure K8s service] and it use Flannel as a default which does not support NP. That could be reason NP is not getting enforce. I will add Calico plugin. Thanks again!